Chapter 11. Wages and Living Conditions of Agricultural Labourers 1770-1815

11.1. External Factors

11.2. Incomes

11.3. Wheat Prices

11.4. Purchasing Power of the Wages

11.5. Price Increases in 1795 and 1800 and Reactions

11.6. Absolute Figures as to the Standard of Living

11.7. Jonas Hanway (1767) and Arthur Young (1771)

11.8. David Davies (1787)

11.9. Sir Frederick Eden (1795-6)

11.10. Other Sources of Food, Other Incomes, Cottagers

11.11. Types of Work Contract in Different Counties

11.12. Cost of Living Indices

11.13. Real Wages

11.14. Threshing Machines

11.15. Calculation of Total Income

11.16. Housing

1.17. Poor Rates

The Fords Farm, Twyford. 1797. Vignette, naive in style, of farm work in north-west Shropshire. The harvest is being got in, cart-horses watered, pigs fed, and a cow milked. The Fords (120 a.), had belonged to the Lloyds, a yeoman or minor gentry family, for generations; Samuel Lloyd owned it in 1797. The drawing is on the edge of a map.

(Victoria County History; A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 4, Agriculture,, p. 180)

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