Map of Lancashire, Aikin, 1795

Map of West Riding of Yorkshire, Aikin, 1795

Petermanns Maps of the British Empire. Statistical Geography. To Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Victoria, This Map of the British Isles elucidating the Distribution of the Population based of the Census of 1841 / compiled and drawn by Augustus Petermann, .. . is... dedicated By The Author

Map British Isles, Distribution of the Population, 1841

Map England and Wales, Distribution of the Population, Census 1851

Map England and Wales, Distribution of the Occupations of the People, Census 1851


Plan of Manchester, 1841, Pigot’s Commercial Directory of Manchester

Marx & Engels Collected Works: Volume 04

Map of Manchester, Engels, 1844

Celebrating #MapMonday with a map of religions in Liverpool, 1858 ...

Abraham Hume, Rev., Map of Liverpool, Ecclesiastical and Social, 1858

The expanded version shows the streets with extreme poverty  

Liverpool, 1859, part of Birkenhead, the docks, and Cheshire coast, John R. Isaac

Leeds, sanitary map, cholera epidemic, made in 1832 by Dr. Robert Baker; presented in “Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population”, Edwin Chadwick, 1842.

(the houses drawn in dark colour are those of the working classes; the square objects with smoke are the textile mills; the blue spots are localities of cholera cases in 1832; the red spots are localities with contagious diseases in 1834 to 1839; the “less cleansed” districts are painted over in dark brown)

Smith’s Railway Map, 1836

Science Museum, London

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