Chapter 2. General Study

2.1. Introduction to the Industrial Revolution in England 2.2. Development of monetary wages and real income 2.3. Development of living and working conditions 2.4. Time frame 2.5. Non-representative regions and industries 2.1. Introduction to the Industrial Revolution in England

Chapter 1. Contemporary Evaluations

A large number of people in different walks of life left us their comments on the improvements in the long run in the standard of living of the majority of the people. Your author has not been able to find any contemporary expressions that the general standard of living decreased during this period. The factSigue leyendo «Chapter 1. Contemporary Evaluations»


DEDICATED TO MY WIFE MARIA, WITH THANKS FOR HER PATIENCE AND SUPPORT PETER VAN DER HEYDEN The Industrial Revolution was not All Bad “Nullius in Verba” / “Take Nobody’s Word for it” (Motto of the Royal Society) This work was originally going to be one chapter of a book about generalisations in writing history. TheSigue leyendo «Introduction»